Elderflower extract  Elderflowers (Sambucus nigra L.) contain a variety of substances. These  include Sambunigrin (a cyanide-glycoside), triterpenes, triterpene, rutin,  essential oils, flavonoids, sterols, cholesterol, caffeic acid, mucilage, tannins  and minerals. Our elderflower extract captures the unmistakable scent of  elderflower. Being slightly sour but flowery-soft it is a very popular ingredient  for drinks and fruit preparations of all kinds. The aqueous Exktrakt can de  designed to the desired brix  as desired.  Peppermint Extract  Peppermint (Mentha x piperita L.) contains essential oil, tannins, flavonoids  and triterpenes. Our peppermint extract has a harmonious and fresh flavor. The  close cooperation with our producers is central to that. Our aqueous extract is  being used in beverages and fruit preparations.  Elder Leaf Extract  Elder leaves contain Sambunigrin, tannins, essential oils, resins, flavonoids  and triterpenes. Elder leaf extract is reported to act in an astringent, anti-  inflammatory, anti-septic and wound-healing way. Our elder leaf extract  particularly is being used in creams and lotions.  Elder Root Extract   Elder roots include sambunigrin, triterpenes, saponins, phyto-hemagglutinins,  essential oils, tannins and resins. In literature, it is described that elder root is  of anti-microbial and astringent use, accompanied by an impact against  rheumatism. Our elder root extract is used in cosmetic products.  Impressum