Fruit flour  Elderberries contain a considerable amount of Vitamin C. The berries also  include vitamins A, B1 and B2, minerals K, Mg, various acids (malic acid, citric  acid, valeric acid, acetic acid, tartaric acid and tannic acid), flavonoids  (hyperosid, Isoquercitrin, Rutosid), anthocyanins, essential oil and cyanogenic  glycosides. In order to obtain these valuable constituents as good as possible,  the berries are being harvested very gently harvested by hand an then  processed as quickly as possible. After pressing the juice, the pulp is dried.    Elderberry fruit flour  Special technologies make the remaining pulp available as a fruit flour.  Elderberry fruit flour is still rich in red colored anthocyanins and is often used  as a coloring ingredient in foodstuffs.    Elderberry seed flour  In the production of elderberry seed oil also a highly defatted presscake is  produced. The presscake is transformed into a "flour" in various grain sizes.  The flour still has the typical red color of elderberry. It is ideal for body care  products with a peeling effect.  Impressum